Kabaddi & Badminton Indoor Stadium, Urva

Smart City, Commercial
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Description of project

Badminton and Kababbdi are well played sports in the city of Mangaluru. Few private badminton courts and the presence of private clubs within the city have led to the growth of the sport. Kabbadi is a sport that is well played and promoted from the primary schools to colleges. Also, the recent development of public interest in both the sports through the promotion of various premiere leagues has given tremendous further boost. The Badminton and Kabbadi players association in the region has joined hands with the Karnataka state youth and sports department and has actively worked to develop the sports in the region. Identifying the potential for the development of the above sport, the Smart City Mangaluru proposed to construct a Kababddi and Badminton stadium in a land allocated to Karnataka state youth and sports department by the Mangalore city corporation.

The state government through its Karnataka Sports Policy 2018 promotes growth of sports through four pillars namely- Governance and Institutions, Eco-System, Hard Infrastructure and Soft Infrastructure. In line with the current State Sports Policy 2018, this proposal aims to develop a world class indoor sports complex for Kabbadi and Badminton sports housing all other ancillary sports facilities required for the same. The scope of the consultant is to provide Architectural and Engineering Consultancy services for the development of Urva Kabbadi and Badminton Indoor Stadium after assessing the needs put forward by the various stakeholders. After due consultation with the Smart city Mangaluru and the officials of the district youth and sports department, the Consultant has assessed the needs and a proposal for development of works has been briefly described and detailed as under.